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Law of disposable immigration (june 2006)

French studants in fight (may 2006)



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On the sound of the appeasing of the citizen consciousness and expression of the narrowness of the national feelings, it had been difficult to better do.


"the new reform of the Code of the entry and the right of residence of foreigns, the right of asylum (CESEDA) led to a radical negation of the basic rights of the person"


This is the title of introduction. General idea resumption in heart by a regrouping the oppositional ones with the bill of the Minister of Interior Department Sarkozy, claiming with the supreme legislature, voted on last 17 May with assembled national, making archi restrictive conditions of entries and stays of foreigns workers.

A few tens of associations and left, left-extreme organizations answered the heartfelt cry launched by all the "rights of the man" poeple of France and Navarre, launched in echo with this long and painful complaint emerging depths of the history of the movement reformist, revisionist, of collaboration of class, that of the defense of the alleged democracy for all and very misleading fundamental freedoms of each one.





what of astonishing with that?


Nothing, if not that one assists with a constant in the dressing-up of the democracy for the rich person and freedom to exploit his next by the representations of the fractions of the middle-class of right-hand side like left and by the working aristocracy, that since glosses, confirmed by their participations alternated in the management of the businesses since the ordinance of 1945, already treating questions of immigrations and right to nationality.



Amongst other things example, meadows of us, they are these same sizes of humanistic thoughts which led Chevènement, Minister of Interior Department of the Jospin government into 97, ("souverainist of left") to file in a bill scélérat ` immigration and nationality ` which also accepted him, history to give the exchange before being adopted, the impossible to circumvent ones examinations for opinion of the Council of State of the very sizeable advisory national commission of the humans right. 


Here also the honor of the republicanism is except, although this law came to reinforce the legal retention, maintained the double sorrow, the obligatory certificates of lodgings and the attribution of the visas and all that not even matched duty to justify the refusal; to add to that the circular on June 24 1997 which legalized maintains it of a possible refusal in the event of "threat for the law and order", understand by there the hardly buckled prohibition of strikes and demonstrations.



Questioned at the time, our Minister for “the lefts”, carrying the traditions humanism, expression of the feelings of contempt of the middle-class thought towards our class, declared himself for a legislation "firm but worthy and respectful of the human person".


Workmen, workers of any origines, that made a few centuries that we learned how to know and to undergo the contents of all these finer feelingss of alleged respect of our rights and humanism; transformed of educational concepts, they format our lives of the birth to death, where freedom rhyme with that to keep silent itself, equality with that to share the misery of our similar, fraternity with that of the contempt of all the fractions of the middle-class, right-hand side or left.



Model of export traversing planet, humanism finds in its least recesses its partisans interested in personal enrichment, everywhere it imposes its logic. It proclaims freedom of movement of the people, the goods, the ideas; workmen (women) let us see there we only the international organization of the shameless exploitation of the labour, wars of plunders, export of the capital, generalized degradation.



Material misery, spoliations, wars, massacres and blindness ideological, here what leads the populations of immigrant workers today to come, in charge of hopes, to sell their labour force in the dominant capitalist countries economy of planet.




Capitalism, it is the organization and the exploitation of the labour paid without taboo of borders, it is the organization of competition between the workers themselves, built in the history of the saleable output by the interior exodus of the countryside towards the cities, of the peasants without ground going to seek work in the large industrial towns ; capitalism, it is the export or the importation of the labour like any other goods according to the phases of its development.  Also we in the history find it, intervening for the settlement of new territories or elsewhere subjecting the populations autochtones by violence and the worst atrocities to start again a cycle of exploitation resulting in rejecting in mass in the destitution of the million workers condemned not to have any future. 


Thus, it is in the name of the concept of development of the domestic markets and outsides that the international middle-class organizes, in competition, the plundering of human resources and raw materials of planet, the exploitation of new outlets ; by ad infinitum reproducing a cycle which never finishes any worsening the living conditions of the working populations everywhere in the world where it exists an exploitable labour, showing by there that like the capitalist, the proletarian does not have a fatherland.



For the working class, there is not an other alternative of fight that its autonomous organization in the class solidarity, by refusing division between workers French and immigrant, to pass to the offensive by developing its responses on its ground: that of the class struggle. It is necessary for him also to learn how to distinguish its truths and false friendly while refusing to answer the ideological sirens of the lower middle class wanting to involve it far from its true means of responses. 


Workmen (women) French, working immigrant, of any origines and all generations, we do not have against the internationalized middle-class, no particular interests which separate us, not even the ditches of a nature cultural or religious of which it is so much made display today and who are used to make screens under our identical conditions of exploited.  Not even also those, intellectual, which would like the supremacy of the concepts of the lights, clean "to plug" only its partisans, which on the occasion will be discovered enough broadmindedness to find judicious the use of the imams to try to channel the right revolts of this part of our youth in the districts, in hillock with religious morals. In the same way that this morals links them with the services of the interests of having, our class solidarity must gather us to gain.



In our factories, on our building sites, in the fields and the districts, let us organize our response


Class against class.










French studants in fight in Toulouse.                      




Assembled General of April 13, 2006 with the fac' of Mirail in Toulouse. Left sight and right-hand side mixed

amphitheater n°8. Because of the too great number of students present, AG will be held outside

under a splendid sun which will overhang a debate where the vote of the renewal of

the strike and of the blocking of the FAC will carry it of a beautiful majority.



It was held today in Toulouse two Assemblés General, one with the faculty of Mirail and the other with the faculty Paul Sabatier which renewed the strike and the blocking of these faculties.

In front of the media handling which tries to truncate the truth, to see to lie consciously on the reality of the mobilization coed and the claims of the first hour of the national coordination of facultées moving, Avant-garde reproduces the entirety of punt below forms current student movement. The trade unions and the parties, CGT, CFDT, FO and UNEF (ultra-minority student), PS and PC for the principal ones, play the ashamed game of the capacity.

After having recovered and proposed in the media, the article of law relating to the simple CPE whereas the claims coeds were much broader than that, today they invite in their “local offices” respective to calm the play.

Malgrès the reserves which we issue on the need for a collective awakening affirming that only the mobilization of the working class and its allies on the basis of the most succeeded claim its can sufficiently make tremble this government, we support the courageous fight of the coeds and paid who resist in front of all the organisational representations of the middle-class, of the parties to the trade unions, which prove there once more their devotion to legality bourgoise.

For the first time for a long time, a broad studying movement get going on the basis of claim which exceeds the strictly catégorielles claims by far that we had taken the practice to hear up to now.

Below, therefore, the punt trains claiming adoptee this weekend in Lyon by 32 facultées.











                 That made several weeks that the social movement is clearly fights about it against the law called on the equal opportunity in its entirety (training â 14 years, night-work as of 15 years, parental responsibility, CPE) and the CNE Since, our claims widened: our platform, voted for several weeks already, has fallen under a logic of fight against the break-in of the fair labor standards act and precariousness:


- Abrogation of the law called on the equal opportunity

- Withdrawal of the C.N.E.

- More stations with the contests of the public office

- Withdrawal of the project of charter of the training courses

- Withdrawal of the pact for research

- Abrogation of the law Fillon

- Abrogation of the law Sarkozy I

- Abrogation of the law Sarkozy II (on selected immigration)

- Against the repression of the social movements, amnesties accused high-school pupils and condemned at the time of the movement against the law Seam, of the “rioters” of November and December, of the high-school girls, mobilized coeds and others against the law called on the equal opportunity

- Financial Re-enlisting of the State in the public utility for a university public

- Recognition cd. our diplomas

- Equality of the foreign students

- Against the law which institutes the culture like profitable

- Abrogation of the protocol on the statute of the intermitents

- Dissolution of the identity block

- Adoption of the motion of the coordination of the personnel in fight

- Resignation of the government




We never limited black movement to the only withdrawal of the CPE! Moreover, national coordination clearly came to a conclusion about the requirement of the withdrawal of the law called on the equal opportunity des in its entirety and the CNE.

Certain trade-union organizations and political parties try to recover what they regard as a victory and to break the movement thus.


The retreat of the government shows well the state of the report/ratio of force which is clearly in our favor. II is thus legitimate and necessary not to stop there.

The UTM has been in the fight for two months. The FAC is completely blocked and occupied since one month and half. Blocking largely was always legitimated besides by the vote of the A.G. .Les demonstrations strongly mobilized: more than three million people what had not been seen for a very long time. The carried out actions multiply and were always a success (economic blockings, actions symbolic systems…).

Contrary to the figures announced by the media, these are not 2 nor even 4 university sites which is still blocked but 32, without counting many mobilized faculties which are currently on vacation.

Although this movement does not limit to the coed. .s and that the salané-e-s are already in the fight, it appears obvious that if the universities are freed it is a fatal blow carried to the mobilization. We thus have a responsibility as for the continuation for the movement. Moreover, let us think of our comrades struck by repression. Today one counts more than 4.000 interpellations with sometimes of the firm prison. Many casualties are added to it as the action testifies some to the Matabiau station which shocked by the violence of police repression. If the movement arréte, the support for our accused comrades will not have any more any weight.

The government, via its media and police puppets seeks only one thing: to break the movement. Thus, the arbitrary arrests multiply. Tuesday, during a demonstration called by the inter-union one, a demonstrator was challenged without reason and was shown wrongly aggravated assault on a member of the police force at the time of the action at the station.

The national coordination which was held this weekend in Lyon reaffirmed our determination to continue the combat until the total withdrawal of the law called on the CNE and equal opportunity.

The fight must continue and will stop only when we obtain this satisfaction. Today more than ever it is necessary to type extremely!!



The government wants to make us conceal, it is now or never that it is necessary

to prove with the eyes of all our determination!!!

In the next days, our motivation and our number will make our force!!





Appointment of today Thursday April 13:


- AG with 10h30 lecture theater 8

- Committee of fight to 15h00

- Action “Anti-Recovery of the movement” with 19h, the arch




studants of Mirail in Fight